Sei Lou Patrick

You think I'm the only fat guy around ah!

HAahhaaha. Patrick is one of my buddies from Uni who's probably one of the crappiest, funniest, Fattest tall guys i've known. Better known as Fatrick, this guy wrote me a special story on his blog. So here's returning the favour!

Starting with....











Muahaha I so had to put this one up.












Me and Fatrick

Patrick's currently working in Taipan as a Projects Manager, this bugger saw me having lunch but didn't call me cause he was intimidated by the females that were around me lol. Cause he's too fat.

We did a lotta stuff together in college days..









Sleep in class..











Camwhore...(the guy next to me is another good buddy YJacob)























03072523 Pic 099



Pic 098 














Makan some more...


Pic 189 Pic 164

Pic 141 Pic 142










Get drunk together..








I even did this to him during the William Hung Mania.


So many photos lar this fat guy! Wakakaka.

Ok la........I'll be fair. He did lose a tad bit of weight since he started gymming. But trouble with this guy is..once he's in a relationship he just gets blown up again sigh. Patrick Patrick. But then again, it's hard to be me eh? hehe!

Damn lah. I miss Uni days.

We have an old joke that goes..'Dude, with your weight, it's gotta be 0.1 Tonnes instead of 100kg!'. This joke is still in use till now of course.

OK, one more for the road!


I think Patrick is perfect material as a Slimming Sanctuary model..If you need product endorsement you know who to look for! Hahaa..


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