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1.   Still grumbling about Streamyx.
2.  Getting really bummed with Spaces blog. Why? It's slow, columns are
      unsizeable. I can only see half my pacmee. My chatbox sandbox is
      automatically resizing itself! -__-
3.   Low morale at work. Feel like dumping everything and eloping escaping to
      someplace. Aiyak forgot no budget.
4.   Missed Langkawi trip :(
5.   Starting to resent the presence of the people in my house.

1.   I'm changing to blogspot! Actually I thought of Wordpress at first, then I
      found out that to use custom template, I have to pay USD15. Gila. So it's
      Blogspot, more features, new layout, I should be moving soon. Happy! 
      Sneak Preview:










2.   Slow but steady progress on Web Project. This is gona replace my
       job, if it doesn't be a sideline. Sneak Preview:












Haha, kidding only. It's not ready yet, but there'll be more about it from time to time. I hope! *keep fingers crossed* :)

3.  Trying to get my butt in shape by going Cali Fitness as often as possible. 
     Usually I end up with aching tail bone cause of the bike seats..I need those 
     bike shorts :(

4.  Psychkin's gona quit her job soon! It's not cool..having to walk all over and
     pitch people ending up with unsatisfactory pay, aching feet, and dirty flirty
     guys...idiots. She's gona teman me everyday from saturday
     onwards...heheehe wishes!

I think I like the idea of 'itemizing' my feelings and emotions. Feels better now, but I still wanna bash those Streamyx guys on their heads.

On a different note, Anwar's investigation is final. Guilty as charged is the verdict. Crime: Sodomy which he did before and happily did it again so that the ruling party can put him behind bars again. Anybody who believes the reports and newspapers are fools. Democracy my ass. Pei.

I almost got carried away to continue ranting on government policies but it's time4work >.<


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