The Race for Zohan and Wall-E

OK, here I am happily watching the Olympics opening ceremony with laptop on my lap (I know some people say that's not good, but it's fine, I'm a strong guy).

Then I come across UncleJosh's blog that proudly announces that he's got passes to Zohan and Wall-e and he's giving them away!

You can probably already guess what this is all about..












Yes, I want to bring my sayang to watch a movie. A movie that I can easily afford otherwise, but hey, what's wrong with getting free passes? All I have to do was to write a short post on Mista Josh.

Also, I'd like to announce that I think UncleJosh is, in fact, quite good looking.



Lengchai right?


(Please lar Uncle Josh, I'm sounding quite gay aldy  -___-  )  Tickets please?

Btw, I really gota give it up to the Chinese. They're totally awesome. And I mean totally awesome. If you wanna watch the live screening of Olympics you can check out. I haven't tried it myself though.

And here I'd like to wish everyone Happy 080808 and Happy Olympics!


Pic 209




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