It's my new blog and it's here to stay!

So please, please, leave me your comments..nice or not, comfortable viewing or not, font too small or not, functions working or not..or too crammed or too slow or not enuf hot chicks pics, I'll try my best to work on that..

In the meantime, welcome!

Btw, I'm glad I spent only RM2.00 to watch Zohan (RM8 for DVD / 4 person). My personal worst ever show from Adam Sandler. I used to love him. Now in my mind he's the new Chow Sing Chee..haihz...

Remember Kung Pow : Enter the Fist? 003_KUNG_POW~Kung-Pow-Enter-the-Fist-Posters








The first 15 minutes of the show instantly got me thinking about this Kung Pow show. Kung Pow was fake crap, but at least it was meant to be that way. A spoof. Zohan just didn't go down with me. Come on...doesn't Adam Sandler movies mean 'blockbuster'?










Ok, maybe you get the idea already.

See I'm actually comparing a supposed blockbuster to a low-cost spoof movie. It doesn't get any worse than that.

The whole show basically just revolves around this guy's crotch and what he does with them. And no, he does not use a single gun despite the fact that he's an Israeli soldier. Except for his gun. All the time.

When you watch Zohan, IF AT ALL you watch it, I think you'lI see a similarity between the two shows...this is my personal take:





There are occasional moments that deserves some credit, but anyone can only see that much of crotch jokes. It's so loaded with it that I'm pretty sure the producer was high on substance during the making. Though I quite enjoyed Rob Schneider's acting, he was a natural! And I won't be a spoiler so I won't say more, hence the vague movie review =) But if at all possible, get the DVD. I'd suggest you save the money for something else..er..even a ride on a...carousel is a better run for your $$$.

I rate this show a dismal 1.0 / 5 ; it really doesn't deserve better. (Would have been 1.5 / 5 if they had shown more of Emmanuelle Chriqui's body parts though hehe). UncleJosh you can save those tickets! :P Oh but I still want the Wall-e's tickets...ah haa..

Oh I just came back from Shadow's Dogathon 2008 at UPM.. Hmm, the cuteness ^_^ I'll write more on that soon! Here's one of the pics taken 2day:





4 commentos:

cc said...

The new blog looks great! Good job! :)

selena said...

how come u got another gal's pic in your blog? is that your dog she's cuddling??? *green smoke puffing*

EVo said...

Yeah it's another girl! I let her hug shadow ya..but i'm reserved to be hugged by only u ma..can onot..

EVo said...

[cc] Thanks, I like it much better than my old one too! I'm inclined to blog more often now :)

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