My First Free Movie Screening - Wall-E!

Sick and tired...

Of doing things I used to feel was exciting, but now is a chore..

Of realizing there's a dead end but I've lost control of the car and it's reeling straight towards it..

Of looking at the deadline and then my schedule and realize that half the time left will be spent doing something else and I don't get to use it..

Of putting all my hopes into one small possibility and hoping against all odds for the best outcome..

It's getting worse now.



Good thing for Wall-E last night, good thing for Psychkin last night.

It was great meeting up the fellow bloggers :)

Ethically I'm supposed to post pics to thank those who invited me for the event but that'll be so cliche. So I'm just gona do this so it's not so obvious..



DSC03764                            DSC03768



See? So not obvious riiiiiight...oh one more, in the same inconspicuous style..the sponsor of the event!



I know I know, it's bad of me but that's d result of being in a foul mood..So I'm gona just post some pics to cheer myself up. I think I need a shrink.



Wall-E tickets!


Not really me to be so excited over a cartoon movie, but hey, it's free. And it's by Pixar.

Btw, did you know that Steve Jobs of Apple Corp is also the CEO of Pixar? Damn cool la this guy. And he's a college dropout..the irony.. *smacks forehead*


Here's me and Karena. Her braces really stand out lol.




I've decided that I'm gona name this guy Mista Posa coz he can camwhore better than 10 girls combined. Really!


Dude, did I get the 'left face' right? Hehe..!  :P


This is Aaron Mikkhel whom I recognized at first then didn't recognize after that *sweat what's wrong with me*



And Dita the Counter-Girl




And also present with me was my most lenglui most friendly most cute Psychkin..


...And my heart skips a beat ^o^


So what would you expect of a blogger event in the cinema? More flash, more pics!LOL...the action already started before the movie!





We came in late so we took 2nd row from front, right corner. If we were a bit later we would have to take the front row, right corner.

I've never sat so front in a cinema before. God knows why the front row can't be where the 10th row is presently. Ish. Stupid theatre designers.

Or maybe I shouldn't have ordered Polo Chao Fan at Charms cafe before the movie..It came slow. And it came hot so I couldn't dunk the plate down in 5 mins.


A Pole at the Charms cafe



My Poser Partner ^o^


Now for Walll-E! I liked it a whole lot better than Zohan. Storyline? Check. Romance? Check. Humour? Check. CGI? Check. Crotch jokes? None, wonderful.

So, I give movie this a 3.5 / 5. And I won't say anymore about the show, we don't wanna spoil it too for you hey. And my lappie is getting very hot on my uhh..legs so I wanna stop typing already.

It's good to finally know how a blogger event feels like :) Pity couldn't spend more time chatting with them before or after the movie ^.^

You really didn't think that I'd really not have bigger pics of the nice people who invited me there didja? Keke.


It's UncleJosh! Who gave me da tickets.                    



And the other Josh, boss of Advertlets.



Ada sikit rasa bangga leh. Buahahaha.





And last one..a kid blogger? Damn advanced nowadays la dei!



P.S  Why do I always feel better after blogging?

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cc said...

Oh, is it showing already! Gotta catch it at the cinema! :)

EVo said...

[cc] Nope,it's not showing yet, at least where I am. I got invites for the early screening. Is it available where u are?

Axiao said...

Finally, I found an active blogger..:)
I link u ye..

dun care wat's ur response..will link anyway..ehehe

EVo said...

HEY! Shiao Chin! Aiyohhh...say lah earlier it's u...hahaha

I'm linking u too..whether or not u like it..hehe!

jėss.T said...



K3ViN said...

so how was the movie? nice or nope leh? haha

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