Malaysia's First Gold?

It's always most interesting to see how people glue their eyes to the TV during the Olympics.





Especially when this time around, the Malaysia team gets really really close to clinching glory. In badminton lah, what else?

Yes laaah, I'll lessen the skeptism in my tone. Keke.

Cos this time, Lee Chong Wei has pushed really far and hard.


Malaysia wins Korea 21-18, 13-21, 21-13

Winning the semis is no laughing matter. That's at least a Silver waiting for us yo!

And, there's that Dato'ship waiting for him when he comes back yo! Nicely wrapped up in a box yo! :D

I was at Nanking Coffeeshop in Taipan about 1/2 hour ago just when the final set was bein played. Everytime our boy gets a point the crowd would cheer! And at every point lost, the crowd would go 'awwwwuuuu'...

There was this particular stall owner uncle I noticed watching the game. Whatever he was selling...he sure has the spirit burning in him. Notice that he claps till the very last second. (It's a short clip..just click play!) Note : Clapping uncle's on the extreme right.



How often do we get a response like this? What more during Olympics! Malaysia boleh! We need more sportsmen like C W Lee!



Dato'ship, anyone?





2 commentos:

cc said...

That is really encouraging! I'm eagerly waiting for the final! :)

K3ViN said...

i spot ur blog when i ay alvin blog..... so i drop by here lor.... Hope he can win n made malaysia proud lor..... Wah i like the last pic.... u edit it urself? haha

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