30 Hour Famine- I'm baaaachh

Just came back from the World Vision 30 hr famine.

Awesome stuff, it's never been this fun! The buzz..the activities..and most of all, the people!

For once I can exclude 'the food' from the list of attractions lol. I'll be posting all about it soon =)

For now I hope I can sleep without the song 'Tomorrow' playing inside my head -__-


2 commentos:

e s t a n c u s said...

HO MY GAWDD!!!! you can say THT again!! its been going on and on and ON in my head ever since i started driving home!! OMG.. it used to be touching and all.. but now i just need to get it out!! waa..



yungchien said...

lolx... den im worse? I've been listening to it for 2 years.. hahaha =P it was the theme song for last year's famine as well XD

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