Who in the world designed this? lolx!!

One of my twitterer friends shared this but I forgot his / her name. Sorry ya.

I think it's supposed to be some sort of air bolster.



This toy should be rated 18SX.. lolx.

And I quote TianChad who said 'That would really called a "Blow job" XD' hahaaa..




Today I received invitations to two events:


It's Zouk's 5th anniversary next Thursday thanks to Advertlets!


*quickly inserts it into Jadual Waktu*


Did I also mention that Josh.my sent me the invite quite early in the morning at 2+. This guy is a real 24hrs guy hahaa..

This gives me a chance to check out the new (which I've not seen before) rooms that look quite awesome. 


I mean, Really awesome ^o^

Ok, til now I'm not sure if I'm allowed to bring guests along, but I Will Be Keeping You Posted ;)



Then, later in the evening, I got another invite. This time to...






I was quite OMG when Leonard called me and said he had a pass for me. I immediately said I'll go I'll go!!

Only 5 minutes later when I checked my schedule did I realize that there was something on the same day...


Mum's birthday party.




And it's not just dinner at night. It's from preparation in the morning til dinner in evening til karaoke at night and tea session at midnight. And Sunburst is 2pm to 2am.


It felt like the Sun just Burst on me man.


I hope the show Sucks. Muahahahahaa. But thanks Leonard. You're alright xD


------------------------------------------------------------------------------------  balloon_newzealand01

P.S  Hot Air Balloon Fiesta at Putrajaya current attendance!

        - Me
        - Ellie Missycheerio
        - Renee Zellweger
        - Axiao

It's gona be early Sunday morning (7.45am) coz that's when the balloon area is open to photographers. I don't wanna miss that =) More details at http://www.myballoonfiesta.com.

And I dunno what we're in for, so let's hope it's a great event ^.^

Please leave a comment here if you're going so I can find you and snap snap each other!! =)

10 commentos:

maRCus said...

aiyeeer... so hamsap wan you EVo!

Leonard said...

hahaha SUN Burst on You ! ahahhaa

Tian Chad @ 永遇乐 said...

That would really called a "Blow job" XD

Free SunBurst for u! Cool!

About the Hot Air Balloon Fiesta
Are we able to get the chance to get on it?

EVo said...

[maRCus] brudder..which guy u know is not hamsup one?? :P

[Leonard] Yeah dude...save me the next invite ok? i want :(

[tian chad] damn man..i couldn't think of the tag line, and u just hit it right! blowjob haha!

yes u can get on it, but if i'm not mistaken u 'pay rm10 to get on, go up 2 storeys, then come down again'. ask maRCus, he went for it just today.. I hope it was due to the weather that this happened, and that if the weather is good we can ride d balloon from one point to another..

kenwooi.com said...

LOL @ the wolverine air bolster! XD

Average Joe's said...

all the girls stand in the line of the bathroom!!!

Hola to my buddy Pharrell.. Startrek!!!

Uncle Sam said...

Elo ! You're the worst la ! Mum's birthday party pun tak tahu. Really sun burst la ! LOL ! XD

Jing-leBelle said...

I just went for Putrajaya this evening until the night..so nice..! haha..why never ask me along one..

me and one of my fren nia! >.<

EVo said...

[kenwooi.com] ya hahaha lol!

[average joe's] dude..did u reply at the wrong blog? i don't get u man @.@

[Uncle Sam] ya and i paid the price..slept@ 4 this morning, woke up at 5.30 -____-

[jing_lebelle] i know u going man!! but i can't make it lor on sat..ma go on sun only..dude we shud really meet up one day la xD

renaye said...

the wolverine bolster is pretty funny!!!

and ur icon below ur mother's birthday sentence is so gory. T__T.

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