Gejala sosial, I damn tulan

This Malay-sounding title was the quickest I could think of when writing this post, thanks to my 30 minutes lepak in Sg Wang today.

It directly means 'negative social symptoms, makes me effin pissed'

After my meeting, I went back to Sg Wang where EGo's car was parked and walked around awhile before leaving.




This sight is not uncommon to most of us who frequent KL nowadays.

I'll be honest.


I hate the sight of these people hanging around dressed up like punks, wannabe rockstars doing absolutely nothing or just being plain faggots.



Or trying to look like Jason Mraz, like this fella above.

I know it's school hols, but is this their idea of having fun?

Just slacking, lazing around like junkies, or crowding the passageways like a group of useless gang members?



It's like Sg Wang turned into a huge Freakshow hangout circus, and the theme is 'The Weirder the Better'. It's sickening lor.


It's worse than this, I'm sure most of us have seen before. God knows what they define as 'fashion'.


And it's so bad that I felt out of place wearing jeans and a normal shirt. Quite wtf right?

Do keep in mind that I'm not harping on just the fashion sense, but also the pack behaviour and generally the slacking of the general public.

I call this 'The Mis-education'. Sad but true.

Do YOU do this when you go to Sg. Wang? LOL




balloon_newzealand01 P.S I'm going for the Hot Air Balloon Fiesta at Putrajaya on..........Sunday early morning! It sure looks like fun! more details at

Please please please leave a comment here if you're going so I can look out for you!! =) =)

11 commentos:

David said...

Plenty of those kind of people in Shanghai and Hong Kong. I used to be one too.

By writing this rant, you know you're getting too old, not keeping up with the modern generations ;) hahaha

But of course, as you can tell I dont dress like that anymore!

maRCus said...

Oh, do be careful what you write.. it may land you in ice as ace. most, if not all, of ur phpto subjects seem to be savo-tanned skinned :-P

eh, i thot wat is so dam dulan-ing, write la abt mat rempit. this ppl semakin hari semakin crazy lor..

ekonomi rumit, mereka lagi sempit, and when tersepit dalam kesempitan, they merempit. OMG.

it actualy rhymes! LOL

eewai said...

ya... like marcus said... better be careful with what you blog... or u'd be captured by the 'authorities' for trying to 'break' peace!

anyways... its tru... we are getting old. seems like the 'new' generation forgot to grow brains...

they dress like faggots, act like baboons and have no culture... yup... and some idiot up there even said our education is 'world-standard'... i wonder which world...

EVo said...

[david] Dude! hey. i was a hater of these people all my life ok haha...but it's not just about fashion. it's about what the heck r these kids doing here??

[maRCus] I'm not worried man..I didn't refer to any color in particular. whatever color also indulge in this bohsia activity yo. n that sucks. sucks like ducks LOL i had to make it rhyme too ahahaha

[eewai] nvm about the authorities. one can always find his way out thru a particular 'means' lol. i agree with the 'forgot to grow brains' part haha! good thing my dad put enuf fertilizer into my head xD

Renee Tay said...

ladeedum. they damn Vogue Kao kao .
dont u think. -_______-

Axiao said...

Hahaa...I learnt "Ignorance is bliss"..

Balloon yea..going..what time u going? Mornings seems to be raining everyday (except for today)

EVo said...

[Renee] Hmm. if Vogue means something bad then i would agree with u lol. what's that anyway? *paiseh*

[Axiao] going early morning..'Balloon area opened to photographers' at 7.45 wor apparently.

Axiao said...

ok then early morning it is...unless it rains then i'll go to the afternoon session...hehe...

call me ye if u r there...let's meet up n camwhore all the way...

Daryl Teo said...

Sign of the times dude. I think punk culture has its roots in anarchy & neo nazi supremacist. Seeing it as part of an asian culture is really a contradiction in itself. I wonder those dudes actually understand it or they just have a really bad wardrobe! lol.

Wei Wei said...

the guy with the pink bag.can die. LOL
to be honest, these ppl r jz sampah masyarakat.god knows what they spend their life doing.

Ashleyteng said...

hmm... i did realised that since those days.. they really love wearing weird cloth...

anyway i only wear like normal.. i really wear like i'm going to shopping lor hehe

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