Anime & Manga Night without Anime & Manga : Prologue

I expected:

anime-in-india anime1

AnimeTV-Naruto Anime












(and lots of hentai comics, figurines, posters, merchandise, toys etc)...


....But I got this instead.image


Yup, a TV screen playing Anime and Manga.

I reached club Fahrenheit about 9 after an hour of bumper kissing traffic on LDP.

It's quite disappointing when you get there to find that the Anime organizer decided to pull out last minute.

Babi betul.


Good thing that the main organizer, Fumi of local band John's Mistress, kept the show going!

IMG_7692 copy


John's Wanita Simpanan groupie shot:

IMG_7742 copy


These guys are cool, and they've got a new album raring to go. Stay tuned when their new single hits the radiowaves (in April)!


But I'm still disappointed about the Anime people. Even Doraemon's presence would have been nice.



Next round I guess. Read more on this event in an upcoming post! =)


14 commentos:

Anonymous said...

hmmm this would have been fun if it happened.... lol

Axiao said...

Oh Mna..tat's sucks..!!

Ashleyteng said...

alamak they pull out?! must be disappointing.
anyway i love doraemon!! =D

Tian Chad @ 永遇乐 said...

Haha, look at the mirror and you will see a cute face of Anime~

At least you saw John's Mistress right? :)

EVo said...

[Anonymous] to be honest I didn't know what to expect about the anime before I got there. But finding out about it on the spot would be the fun part ^^

[Axiao] Ya that quite sucks. But never try, never know. Itulah concept saya =)

[Ashleyteng] Ya..doraemon pun I went there for a beer n music only haha.

[Tian Chad] Dude, am I supposed to take that as a compliment lah :P

Ya John's mistress was coolz. and very friendly guys!

renaye said...

wow. that stinks. but luckily u had fun there despite the last minute pull out of that anime.

EVo said...

[renaye] It was...OK-ay. but meeting John's Mistress was cool though ;) are you into anime urself?

renaye said...

hmm.. semi-retired from anime though... i sort of lose interest in watching anime but i'm still reading manga... and i'm very into naruto...

RYC: love story?? wait .. master teardrops before love story. that is another nice song. i like the rhythm.

EVo said...

[renaye] yeahh..looking forward to your video! =)

Ju Ann said...

ooo u into anime eh?

EVo said...

[ju ann] Not really into anime..but my initial impression of an event like this would be lots of colors n light..the two things that photographers love hehe..

vialentino said... come the organizer pulled out last minute one...

Uncle Sam said...

lol. Cute doraemon. HAHA

EVo said...

[vialentino] Yeah. when i entered the place i knew something was wrong already lol..

[Uncle Sam] er...thank you? keke.

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