Bryan Lim @ bryanlyt is not really what he seems to be..

I was trying to search for Twitter users today within my Facebook friends when I also searched for Bryan Lim.



I'm pretty sure Bryan's not Bryangelo cause he's not based in S'pore.

That leaves us with the other 3 users that could possibly be Bryan where they each have something in common *ahem*penis enlargement story*ahem*.

You've been a Very bad boy Bryan LOL. And until I find your real username I will always have that image of you HAHA.

Ok, time to sleep y'all!



*** Update : Bryan Lim has just added me and he's not any of the 3 penile-*** above (damn). I should've searched for bryanlyt actually. haha..! Check out his twitter at

6 commentos:

bryanlyt said...

OMG u caught me in action xP

Tian Chad @ 永遇乐 said...

Now we know Bryan is good at Penis enlargement?

Ashleyteng said...

hahaha..... search engine like this sometimes do mislead us hehehe........
so bryan isn't the penis enlargement story man ya? hahha...
anyway evo, long time no see weyy!

EVo said...

[bryanlyt] too bad it's not u man. i would have liked to learn about ur...'experience'..hahaha..

[Tian chad] Hahaha next time we see him we can kacau him kaokao ady Lolx

[ashleyteng] Ya lor!when u coming back2shah alam again?

Ashleyteng said...

21 march i'm coming back. let's meet on 22 march (sunday morning) at astaka ok? i'll go there. let's shoot. =)

bryangelo said...

it's strange to see a screenshot of my twitter profile on someone else's website. hmm.

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