Malaysian International Dance Championship 2009 - Prologue

Today was the first time that I went up to Genting without going to casino since I was 21.

And today was also the first time that I went up there....ALONE.

That's what happens when you over-aspire to be a photographer like those in Discovery Channel..travelling around the world snapping pics without friends tagging along.

Aiyah. Even those pros also have their own assistants right..those that help to carry bag and etc.

But I wanted to feel it for myself..and well, it's a pretty good experience.

Not that I like to be alone, but, it's different and it gave me a different, more serious perspective towards photography. I like it.

But I'm too sleep to write long story now (coz there's paintball training 2mr..another military 5 hours training). I'm gona be such a soldier. And kena bake in the sun too. But I'm looking forward to it.

So here's a group pic taken today of Wei Luen and friends who had my undying support today (even though I was 1/2 hour late). I'll post on more it in 2 days.

IMG_7431 copy


I tell you...the females (including belly dancers) dancers were like so...argh.

You gota see it to believe how hot they were.If think I'll patiently sit there for hours snapping them meh?..hehe..

Updates coming in 2 days ok?

*** Update : Read full post here. Very nice one :)


4 commentos:

Ashleyteng said...

haha u sounds so notty la with the '' the female dancers were like so.. argh " so what is ''argh'' haha

EVo said...

[Ashleyteng] Argh as in a-r-g-h lor! heheeheh...u'll see in my next post ashley! when we wanna meet again? r u going astaka this weekend?

Kwong Lai Teng said...

hey.. ths week i'm not going.. but will be going in 2 weeks time! cuz it will be mid term break! sunday most prolly. i'll let u know again so we can shoot each other! hehe..

Ashleyteng said...

alamak.. sign in with wrong account.. above comment was me.. hehe..

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