TM NUTS! Firefox or Chrome?





I really cannot figure out why people are still hanging on to this #@#*&^@# service. Including myself.

Even worse, when I'm loading anything to do with Facebook.

I click inbox and I get this:



And after 10 minutes, still this:



I can't believe it. Why why why. Is facebook dying? Is facebook running out of funds to get more servers? Is Zuckerberg planning to elope with his gay partner?

It's obvious they don't have the same mindset and firepower as Google does.

Despite the latest crap from streamyx, Gmail still loads in a zap.


Anyway, streamyx.

I already had issues since 4 months ago where I kept getting disconnected every hour.

It's not that I'm sitting here complaining to the ceiling and doing nothing about it. I got TM Nut to send a guy to fix the problem, he came, I paid him rm40 to rewire the line to reduce the interruption.

Next day, the line screws up again.

So what the heck, I paid them and nothing got fixed??

Never mind. Call the Malay guy again.

This bugger's full of excuses and he won't come to help me out.

For 3 days in a row, when I call him, he says he'll come in 1/2 an hour, and no show. I tell him to tell me if he can't make it so that I can fck him if he says he can't make it. But he don't come and he don't call.

What an Ass.

Habislah my rm40.


(I just checked back on my Facebook after another 10 mins, and still this.)



I know many people (most likely you!) are facing the same crap as I am so I'm gona share something I discovered lately to try speed things up.

Use Google Chrome.

I was recommended by LogicYuan to use this new browser.









I know it looks like some kid's rubber toy, but the reason for its color is to suit Google's kindergarten color theme (Blue green red yellow).

I'm sure you wanna know if Firefox or Chrome's better eh? Some comparison would be nice eh?

The Verdict:


(1)  Installing it is a breeze. Just download and click some straightforward questions. About the same installation time as Firefox.

(2)  New tabs, when opened, slide out faster than Firefox, making it seem very light and happy. Haha.



(3) Check out the two screenshots below.



Firefox has the additional title bar (that says 'Gmail - Inbox (2) etc') and the Control Panel (that says 'File', 'Edit' etc) whereas Chrome doesn't.

Firefox looks damn fat because of that lor.



And, Firefox has the status bar (that says 'Done') whereas Chrome doesn't.




So what does that give us? More vertical viewing space, almost like you're surfing full screen. I likes. Especially if you're surfing with one of those microscopic mini-notebooks yeah *ahem*psychkin*ahem*

(4)  It surfs faster than Firefox (especially Facebook). Just a liiiiiitle bit faster. I could be biased. I don't know.

(5)  It starts up faster than Firefox. By quite a noticeable amount...say...20-30% faster, depending on how many saved tabs you have open.


Stuff I didn't like about Chrome:

(1) It's ugly. See lah the blue tabs, the whole window is blue like Windows 95.



(2)  It doesn't memorize common stuff like Cbox values, Comment box values. When I type stuff in Firefox, it 'auto-remembers' like this:

image image

...even when I'm at other blogs. It sticks there, so to speak.

It doesn't happen with Chrome. I have to type every letter again damn mafan -___- Maybe it's some setting that I ter-forgot to switch on. wahahaha.


Other interesting stuff:

One thing I noticed is how it allocates its memory. Check this out:


Chrome.exe has 3 instances (total 78Mb Ram)



With the same webpage opened, Firefox has only one instance (60Mb Ram).

Does that mean Chrome eats more memory than Firefox? Hmmm....But it's faster wor!

I don't know lah. Just trying to act smart. LOL.


Now comes the kicker:

Did you also know that Google partially funded the development of Firefox? And after all that shared technology, Google launches Chrome (that probably is built based on Firefox) to kick Mozilla's butt and grab a solid hold on Web browsing AND the search industry. Damn smart.


Ok, that's all the tech-talk for today folks! Hope it helps to make your surfng a less painful experience.

I'm temporarily making Chrome my default browser so I can test it, and cause I'm actually having an overally slightly better time surfing =) I'll post more as time goes by (if it makes my pc crash or causes some major virus outbreak).

Click here to get Google Chrome. And do leave me a comment if it works out (or doesn't work out) for u :)

Just one last thing. I really can't tahan this lauyah logo lah.









Serious damn ugly.

This is so much better right.










But this... brings ugly to a whole different level that it's almost obscene.










Don't ask me why it looks the way it does. Ask Google :D I was just being...observant :P


9 commentos:

Uncle Sam said...

Hahahahaa. Streamyx just sucks to the max la. Time to change.

It has nothing to do with FB. Time to change to p1 Wimax.

Google Chrome still new. But i think google has everything it can. Design wise...hmm...personal preference. =)

EVo said...

Checked already. area no P1 coverage =(

Jing-leBelle said...

Hey my place is still okay with the speed oh, just a little way slower than usual..=)

and i'm a big fans of both browser..i used chrome until ystd finally got bored with it, and now using
Gonna take a little try on Safari 4 also..hehe

Axiao said...

hey man,

u might be interested in this.
im going too

maRCus said...

LOL bro.. this is one heck of a long post man! Wheni got to the end, i forgot what you wrote in the beginnig..LMAO ROTF wakakakaka..

but its dam chun, because, you never fail to babi-tize your posts. with the logo-cum-boobs lar, and all that funny crap lar..LOL

you like to have a verbal (written) lau sai, i like to chop it up into several posts! LOL

Calvin Soo KJ said...

hiya evo........try using celcom broadband. no problems so far. downloads in a jiffy. neways, since im a geek at IT, care to share how to copy and paste a website like email, or blogs into my blog. i just cant do it. cheers..... :)

EVo said...

[Axiao] interesting..but i'll think i'll pass this time..thanks for letting me know though! =)

[maRCus] babi-tize?? dude..that's a whole new dimension in grammar man..haha!

[calvin] left a message @ ur page dude =) celcom broadband? it wireless?

Ashleyteng said...

sometimes only your area is like that,,, u have to keep complain! xD til they got fed up and fix for u!

David said...

After trying google chrome for a while, I've decided to stick with Firefox.

Sure more viewing space, but there's just isn't enough functions on Chrome!

I'll sacrifice a little loading speed for the functions! haha

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