I'm the Best (man)

I'm so excited.

Jacob and Phoebe have just asked me to be their best man for their wedding in December.


Sorry it looks like Phoebe's eating the menu, it's all Patrick Toon's fault.

A mixed feeling of romance and uncertainty is enveloping me...

What in the world does a best man do??

IMG_5429 copy

I have NO idea.

I just know I'm so gona have fun.haha.


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maRCus said...

wahaha.. good for you!! (i think..)

if best man in Western states, good lar.. but if here in Eastern countries? Malaysia??!

Didnt you know that best mans here must perform several tasks on behalf of the groom before he able to go in and get his bride?

When i say several tasks, think several severe, unimaginable and out of this world tasks...

OMG.. So happy for you EVo!!! XD

Uncle Sam said...

Haha. Happy for you man.

The fun thing that is gonna pop up like Marcus said, will be passing the ji Mui's test. HAHAAHHA

Be prepared.

Looking forward. WOOT !!!

Axiao said...

Best man?

Good luck, bro. Imagine the worst ever possible cruel embarassing game u can think off from the girls. Heheee...

Normally groom gets away easily, it's the heng dai that always get it.

Christine said...

wow....u must be so honored ler to be the best man!

basically you are his Personal Assistant =)

William Soh said...

Siao Niao, where are your glasses?

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