Tempted to put Blog on Leave

Sorry for the lack of updates lately people..

I've been thinking and thinking and wondering why I'm not posting for almost a week already?

Nothing to blog about? No..

Too many things to blog about? Maybe..

No time to blog? Not really..

Then I hop on to other blogs and start reading.

Then I realize why I'm not blogging for the past week.

Every blog I try to load takes 100000000000000 hours to load. Thanks to sucky Streamyx that's doing a great job as my information bottleneck.

Damn f-in slow I tell you.

Sampai I can't read other blogs, and I realize....that causes me to lose my momentum to blog.

But I still feel a certain responsibility to post post a bit haha...so it's gona be a small really small update on stuff I've been up to.

7 Feb:
Went to Gunung Datuk in Seremban with Desmond to peraktis for Mount KK in May.


IMG_3803 IMG_3823

This guy's using a Canon 5D MKII and has a crazy ass lens called Lensbaby that produces some pretty cool motion blur effects but I don't have the pics yet lol.



So we climb!


IMG_3855 IMG_3935 

So happened we shared the trail with another 200+ polis kadets who had their training, on the very same day -__-




I tell you...KL jam..shopping mall also jam..and now..climb mountain also jam. Damn hate having to squeeze in the middle of all of them.

What made it worse was that one of the Malay girl gang decided to sing a song. Not any song, but this song by KRU : The Way We Jam. Just because there was a traffic jam there.

Damn hate having to put up with their 'The Way We Jam' man. Super-geram >__<




The last ladder!





The view up at the peak though, was well worth the 2 hour climb and having to hear 'The Way We Jam'.


Average Joe on da mountain!





I even brought something to reward myself. Yummy.



The wind's awesome cool too. Roast Chicken Panini tends to create gas inside (I'm not sure why), so the wind helps to disperse the fart that I secretly released. Oops.


Here's a panoramic shot which I took too.


I need to repair my stitching skills..how could I snap one side of the mountain and forget to snap the other side LOL.


If you went climbing before, you probably know that not only the climb UP is tough. Climbing DOWN can also be a bloody pain. Cause when you're at the top going down, half your energy's gone. And every step you take puts your knees to the ultimate test. Ouch.

Here's some flora and fauna for ya!





IMG_4083 IMG_4085


And here's my favorite : Lucky bokeh shot!


Even trees have testicles.. Cute leh. I learnt so much from this trip.

I'm pretty excited about the next training climb. I heard Desmond say that Gng Angsi's good practice. Gng Rajah and Lambak also can hehe. Mount KK here we come! =)


Next updates (if Streamyx allows) :

(1) Blogger Yee Sang =)

(2) My-NPL paintball (gosh this thing kinda changed my life)


Yesterday me and the Help gang went to check out Leonard at one of his gigs in Capsquare.

IMG_4726 copy


Will update on this soon ;)

P.s. Anyone going for the Rebellz launch tonight at Soho?  rebellz-336x280_02

Make sure you wave if you see me :D See ya there! =)



7 commentos:

maRCus said...

LOL. "The Way We Jam" -- dam babi farnee lor...!! XD

the pic of you posing on the peak kinda freaked meout -- some reason, i felt you almost going to fall behind... huhu.. then came the close up face shot with your eyes closed.. panik i tell you!!! XD

Paintball kinda changed your life? just KINDA?


think again. :-D

Uncle Sam said...


Eh, the jungle shots were damn nice wei. =)

HELP gang? HAHAHAAHAHA. We have a new name. =P

Nice hanging out with you wei. But you take care a bit la, look tired la you.

selena said...

i damn agree with u Sam! He's here and there and everywhere, as in he has 80 hrs a day, or his body doesn't have sleep as a necessity. If you manage to convince him to get more rest, I belanja u kopi peng!

Josh Lim said...

No ideas on what to blogs? Here's some ideas on what to blog about:

- Paintball (what we learnt, and our plans for revenge, muahaha)
- Rebellz Launch
- Any pictures of cute chicks, just post up.

EVo said...

[maRCus] After reading ur comment the stupid song keep playing in my head again..argh!! hahahaaha. Oh, i know i know, i wanted to achieve just that effect of falling off the cliff. i know if i did that my dad will miss d camera more than me haha..

Hey. Paintball was AWESOOOOOOOOOOME shit man. but I like understating can? :P

[Uncle Sam] SOrry bro! hehe finally update! streamyx *&#@*#@ la haha..yes i agree i need sleep. but i just keep forgetting that ^^

[selena] Dear u finally commented! ^o^ but ur talking to sam not me ahaha..if i sleep more do I get kopi peng instead of sam?

[Josh Lim] nooo man. it's so much to post that I get lost occasionally! and streamyx ain't bo bloody help at all >_< well now I've posted =) thanks yo!

Average Joe's said...

HAHAHA.. AVERAGE JOE on the Mountain.. My new found Average Ambassodor..
Finally some nature post.. really interesting..

EVo said...

[Average Joe] Ya man. u have no idea how many ppl were looking at me with that pose la.in front of cameraman can see me,behind cameraman is a group of other climbers la....... -___-

But nvm. it's the spirit that counts.huhu.

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