All psyched up for Xmas!



The days just keep getting happier as Xmas draws close.

Oh, everywhere I go is just full of the season's joy. It's almost like ecstasy! ^^


Midvalley - The Gardens


Tell me you don't get the warm fuzzy feeling when the Xmas songs slowly but surely lifts your spirits as you stroll along the shopping aisles. I especially know from nostalgic memories from my trips to Europe when I was really little. Images of snowy mountains and the radiance from the fireplace in little homes are plain unforgettable.

Sigh. I just love Xmas. I'm no Christian, but I sure prefer this festival much much much more than even Chinese New Year. Yeah, the effect of angpau is wearing off LOL.

Capsquare Mall, off Jln Ampang.


The feeling gets even better when you immerse yourself in the occasion with your someone special.



Hehehe. Today Psychkin can officially forget about her thesis! Final presentation over!


Just look at her face. Like kena Lottery + jackpot only. If only I recorded her scream in over-excitement kekeke.


I promised her a treat...and so I did!



I had no choice but to join her and eat. I can't let her eat alone right. xD

Say hello to Mr Appetizer Prawn.



IMG_9442 IMG_9443


Some handsome guy drinking green tea. Hoho.

I ate so much to the point that I had to try so hard convince my tummy to tell my body to stand up and make a move.



As part of the treat, our next target was CapSquare Mall! It's quite a new place, open about 3-4 months now.





I think most people won't know the way to Capsquare Mall so here's the map.



Main reason? To check out the Happy Hippyz bazaar that's happening today and tomorrow!




Honestly it was kinda disappointing. The corridor was too congested for the stalls and the items were just brazenly displayed like Pasar Malam. I couldn't tell if the items were new or 2nd hand stuff.



One thing that attracted me though was this stall selling these old-fashioned Sarsi from Negeri Sembilan. Yes Sarsi!



I couldn't resist and Psychkin got me 1 cool bottle.



For Rm 2.50, what you get is Sarsi-flavoured water with no gas! Interesting taste really. 3/4 bottle down and finally I decided that I may collapse into a diabetic coma if I finished the whole thing. Wah sugar-loaded wei. So we threw it away LOL.


Me & Psychkin in a mirror as I go Sugar-High.


I wanted to snap a baby Xmas tree when suddenly this charbo decided to obstruct my view with her posterior end.




Also there was a stall selling these cute plastic cylinders in the form of cameras, hearts, peace signs, even Ipods and Gameboys. I think they call it Froufrou, yes?



And after shopping.... finally the main reason going to Capsquare Mall:


Psychkin and I finally watched our first Hindi movie together!!

I'm telling you, Hindi movies have evolved so much since the last. Dostana stars Priyanka Chopra, John Abraham and Abhishek Bachchan, which is one of THREE movies that Priyanka is releasing these 2-3 months.


And boy, Priyanka is Burning Hot baby.


As you probably know, all Hindi films have a hero and heroine, which makes sex a mandatory element.

And in this show, no less. What shocked me is the openness of Bollywood when it came to choosing what to display onscreen. Kids and Muslims (as usual), this is not the show for you.

Quite honestly, as Psychkin (and you if you watch the show) will agree, the level of Bollywood films have surpassed Malaysian films (without doubt) and definitely can take on Hollywood. I was impressed by the storyline, humour, filmography, settings, choreography, ending and how they evoke feelings in me during the movie.

For one who wrote off Zohan as a spoof and wasn't impressed by HighSchoolMusical 3, trust me on this one. If you don't enjoy this movie I'll refund your ticket, no questions asked! :D

I know I go to India often, but that don't make me Pro-India OK. Still there's many things I don't like about that place keke.

After the movie we came across this shop selling novelty items for Xmas deco.



Nice but not cheap!



I'm very liking this shot:



I'm really in holiday mood now.

Anybody wanna go Cambodia somewhere early next year?



4 commentos:

e s t a n c u s said...

walaueh!! so dam chun man you guys go outing to gether gether!! haha.. *envious*

got a few things to say:
- Selena very the very cantikk! esp in the pose at The Gardens. ;p

- you so the tummy wan. must SHOW meh? hadoi.. haha

- the pic of you and selena in the mirror, u had tht thing around your head, looks so the very 70s! kewl!! wahahaha

- i think i see my lost pair of shoes in the pile of shoes on sale!! XD

- its been a while, and i, the marcus TES, is very the missing you guys!!

hohoho! happy early xmas!! XD

EVo said...

[estancus] thanks thanks man!merry advance xmas2u too.

hehe the event was just ok..alot of retro n hippy influence hence d headband lor. if i'm not mistaken some other frens were supposed 2go but never met them. some ppl asked me if i'm pro photographer onot summore keke.

any special plans4 Xmas?

Ju Ann said...

hey i was just planning a trip to either cambodia or vietnam... i know so little about that place and that makes planning my own itinerary a pain in the REAR. DAMMIT.

Sel looks vvv pretty in the shot with her looking happy about her thesis. tell her for me k! :)

and ok I go check out the indie movie. about time i watch something new already :P

Average Joe's said...

ala.. go capsquare never call the average joe's...
& yes i wanna go cambodia again.. count me in...

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