The moment of truth..

As he steps up on the platform, beads of sweat slowly form on his furrowed forehead. One foot, then the other..and finally stands up to his full height. It was hard work during training, and now all his hopes are seemingly fulfilled; he imagines the sweet glory, the taste of success after all that self-drilling. Further imagination reveals 5 hot brunettes surrounding him in his course of celebration.

Very nervously he eyes the sways back and forth for moments that seemed like eternity..and finally EVo braves himself to look down at the results staring back at him...














Yes!! Lost 2 KG!! thank you california!!!! woo!!

-sexy fit EVo-

p.s. this is not an advertorial. See there's no ads on this page whatsoever... ^^

7 commentos:

m-e said...

wow.. that's great news!! congrats!!! be sure to maintain it =)

patrick said...

fat arse, u lost 2 kgs and u are still like 100kgs?hahaha..anyways, congrats, work more n u may get addicted to it!
be sure this is not a "xin jamban hou pang sai"!!maintain!

Olivia and Amanda said...

Haha....takut eh? Congrats! btw, offer me tissue eh? you u dont have a copy of M2M in your collection ka? ;p kidding

Ju Ann said...


What did you do to lose 2KG? :)

SlowCatchUpKuan said...

i wish i lost 2kg lar!

EVo said...

[m-e] Thanks thanks!i think i lost enough, hopefully i lost fat weight instead of muscle weight keke.

[patrick] Well let's just say 2kg is alot for me compared to u la dude. that'll give an idea of how heavy YOU are!haha. yeah muscle burn feels good. next day lagi better. i like my new jamban. won't get bored of it so fast =)

[olivia and amanda] Omg. i do have 'don't say you love me'. that's like old-school stuff want? :P

[ju ann] thanks thanks so pls dun tempt me with your oreos cheesecake k.gosh now i'm hungry.

[slowcatchupkuan] U need to lose mehh?? ;)

Ju Ann said...

okok how about some Tiramisu? :)

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