I'm bein Blog-searched!

Fuiyoh! EVo's Space is being Blog-searched! *happily dreams of making billions in endorsements and advertisements*

screenshot blogsearch copy

Whatever website this www.praja.in is...it's brought on a revolutionary spike in my visitors by...






Yeah la. 1 additional visitor. But it's a start ok in being blogsearched. Don't play play..

*wakes up from the shiok sendiri moment*




Mamma-mia the movie is a Very unique movie, in the sense that it's:

(1)  Full of adults (think opposite of High-School Musical)
(2)  Choreographed to perfectly blend the Abba songs into the storyline.
(3)  Having three main male stars who're completely un-connected and are either divorced, single or gay.

And most of all...both Psychkin and I agree that everything is fine until Pierce Brosnan starts to SING. Let's face it, he's a brilliant actor, really cuts out a romantic dude but...his voice isn't really there, he goes out of tune every 5 words, and when he sings, he looks a little...






 hiro nakamura!



LOL. U gota see it for yourself. You might agree with me that he should stick to pretty-boy roles and not pretty-singer roles. Keke.

Time to tido y'all!


5 commentos:

Mellissa said...

ooooo i love mamma mia!!! I've watched it like I dunno...5, maybe 6 times already...hehe...DVD...

awww who cares whether pierce brosnan can sing or not...everybody else could...

and you're right...this definitely beats high school musical...ngek ngek ngek

Ju Ann said...

but but who cares when pierce brosnan is so handsome?????


eunice said...

Those pictures are funny! haha! Better not do that too often, will get more wrinkles! XD

Pete said...

Congrats for being in blogsearch. Don't worry 1 then 100 visitors will come. This is a funny post. LOL

EVo said...

[melissa] hehe yes yes.i'm gona watch hsm3 (hopefully!) coz it's just 1 day before my trip2china ^^

[ju ann] but ju ann..handsome tak guna..i dun think he does his own housework! (internal joke) bwakhahaha...

[eunice] But i do this every day at least once! lol..

[pete] Let's hope so man..let's hope so..i watn ghost stories from u la..write some more..

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