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Can you guess where I am now?





Aiseh. The last pic is such a giveaway! @_@

And I'm so thrilled to discover wifi in this remote place..hehe.

Btw today I noticed traffic coming from to my blog. I thought weird, how could that happen? After investigation I discovered:


EVo's Space is featured in CNN Blogsearch!


Under this heading:



 the bottom click the 'From the Blogs' link and....



Wah bangga. Maybe next time when I return to India I'll be requested by CNN to give them live media coverage for the next disaster. Fualamak. That time you'll see me running around in a Construction Helmet and SLR recording every single detail of the attacks provided I don't kena bomb myself huhu.

Alright now. Real tired from moving about today and karaoke I so need sleep. Gota go!


5 commentos:

Axiao said...

oh!! si to be li....
on holidays now?

r u wishing for disaster when u visit india next time? siao ar?

Ju Ann said...

wah the umbrella is so cute!!!! so cute!!!

Christine said...

and u were telling me ur blog is not darlie one......??? kekekekek...

EVo said...

[axiao] aiyo ah xiao...i had to read ur msg few times only can understand what u mean by 'si to be li' la...haha yes yes sitobeli! but no difference with supermarket one..sweet n sour, only thing is can self service =)

[ju ann] you want you want??

[christine] Erm...i meant, not popular ENUF to reach Mr Darlie I should b ok..but if i'm not u'll know about it

Ju Ann said...

lol i want i want but i wont dare to bring out one lor!

people will stare!! :/

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