Shopping in Zimbabwe. LOL.

500 million dollar bill, just printed in May 2008.....everybody can have it.... just enough for breakfast/lunch (equal to about USD 2)

Everybody is a billionaire....  

To buy tidbits in a plastic have to spend at least 10 million

To buy vegetables.....5 million

To buy eggs........6000 million

To buy many million ?

If you want to eat in a restaurant, please prepare the money.........

For a beer after office hours..............

Your monthly need to hire a taxi or lorry to bring the money home.....

Young kid - already a millionaire.......    

If you don't want to carry a lot of money.....change it to USD 
Nobody wants to count the money, just weigh it......

Otherwise, this is what you have to do everytime you go to shop, market, bus station etc.....
Best Regards
Bob Mugabe

My say : This was taken from an email sent to me by my bro. Mann..I really wouldn't want to make their economy laughing material..but somehow you can't help but wonder how they can take this for so long!

I guess there's only one consolation: this makes robbery much more difficult.There's just too much for the robber to carry during his getaway. Haha.


P/S : Have you ever wondered what these guys use as their wallets? Backpacks?? Trolleys?? Joker la this Mugabe!

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Ju Ann said...

ya haha! it's definitely making it difficult for robbery!! Hahaha

Pete said...

500 million dollars, whole stack can safe American subprime crisis lorr. LOL

e s t a n c u s said...

heeeyyyyy... i think i heard of this Mugabe guy... but forgot from where.. lol. can u imagine in malaysia? Adoi...

eehui said...

tht reminds me of a story i heard bout economy after world war in germany. the currency is so low, that to buy a bread, u have to carry a bag of money. and the thing is, the bag material worth more than the money. so some thieves would cut a hole at the bottom and run away with the bag while the almost useless notes fell off...

EVo said...

[ju ann] Not only that..u can use the bundles of $$ to stone the robbers!

[pete] Hahahaha. yeah. and rebuild the entire world's economy!

[estancus] Mugabe is probably the biggest joker in the history of world economy. he's the guy that caused zimbabwe's inflation rates to skyrocket to 11,200,000% and as a result the banks even introduced the new 100 billion dollar note. check this out for size! make sure u look under the 'economy' section.

[eehui] any leads to that story? i wanna read! ^^

Axiao said...

let's see, tat's almost equivalent to our hell money notes. Can we instead burn zimbabwe currency instead of hell note the next time we "pai ang kong"??

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